The business of business is people

At The People Business, we are passionate about helping you save time, money and hassle, whilst enabling you to improve your return on investment. We understand that you want to avoid costly and public Employment Tribunals, to improve motivation and productivity and focus on your core business. We cover the full employment cycle from pre to post employment, from recruitment to termination and beyond. We offer honest, practical HR advice, balancing employment knowledge and risks, whilst taking into account commercial reality. This will help you achieve your objectives and strategic aims. We will help you deliver real results to continually improve your business and we have many case studies to share with you.

At The People Business, we have many clients from all market sectors, of various sizes, who benefit from using our services. Please don’t take our word for it, see our client testimonials. Every business that employs people needs to ensure they act responsibly in respect of the staff they employ. This manifests itself in different ways - be it legal requirements, following best practice, or driving through performance and change.


Do you want to deliver between a 50-75% improvement? Our business improvement projects can. These focus on process improvement as well as enhancing team performance. For many organisations, the salary bill is the largest cost and most valuable asset. Maximising the effectiveness of this spend is essential. All staff need to be motivated, trained and managed so as to optimise customer service and profitability, to ensure future success. It’s your employees that will give you your competitive advantage. Great leadership coupled with great HR initiatives and support will help drive performance. We have many examples to substantiate this.

Legal Requirements

Employment law changes regularly and gets more complex, with a growing culture of litigation, employment tribunal claims have trebled. It’s hard sometimes for Employers to stay compliant. Having good up-to-date documentation, like contracts and HR policies and procedures in place is half the battle, but managers also benefit from being trained to have the confidence to adhere to them. Having these things will greatly enhance your chances of not falling foul of employment law. Discrimination claims in particular, can be very costly, with no upper limit in the award. We offer an HR Audit which covers compliance issues as well as strategic and operational HR matters.


Change is constant! We all need to respond to changing environments, markets, technologies, products, processes, etc, to survive. Most of us don’t like change or it’s done badly and staff become despondent – impacting negatively on the bottom line, just when we least need it. Getting the workforce and management to embrace change and implement it successfully and enthusiastically is essential – but this needs huge commitment, planning and understanding. We are experienced in these matters and will help you transform your business to get the desired results.

The People Business is the resource you need to help you with all these vital issues. For further details, please see our Services which include HR Consultancy, Employment Advice, Training and Mentoring, Business Improvement and Change Management.

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